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I had the good fortune of purchasing a site from John (Jay). I must say I am extremely impressed with the quality of the site. He left no stone unturned on this one. Quality articles, quality keywords, quality reviews, great looks and seo optimized. What more can you ask for. I already have a couple keywords ranked and I purchased the site last week. The purchase process was flawless and the transfer of site and domain was extremely efficient. If you have the chance of purchasing a site from John I highly recommend it.

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I will definitely use your service in the future, I don’t even intend to look around at other services. Quality is the main thing I’m after so I’m sticking with you!

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I’m really glad I purchased an Adsense site from John at

After getting his Adzenze Fortune Teller tool I saw the potential and jumped at the chance to work with one of his starter sites. Having the site now helps me better understand how the research is used to develop a web site. I can see some of his recommendations in action and can more easily duplicate that for other sites. Of course, I’ll probably just buy some more sites from John when they’re available. The process of purchasing and transferring the site to my domain/hosting was very quick and easy. Thanks for the great deal.

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Ian- South Africa

Thanks again Jay. I have never experienced customer support like this before.




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(Jay Has Over 10 Years Experience and 1200+ Happy Customers)

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